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Safety Partitions

by Taxi Equipment Company, Inc.

Power Window Shield

Non-Power Window Shield

- All Clear 3/8 GE Lexan Plastic
- Lower portion of partition is 14 Gauge Steel
- Safety pay box, comes in metal or plastic
- Choose from a variety of colors:
- Black - Navy Blue - Beige - Brown - Etc.

With the Power Window Shield, the driver can electrically raise and lower the window.

With the Non-Power Window Shield, the window can slide side to side under the drivers control.

Each partition comes with a safety pay box for the driver to collect the fare when the window is closed.

The lower steel portion of the shield is padded with thick foam rubber, and is covered with luxuriously textured supported vinyl.

Prices Start at Only $ 405.00 each.

For a few dollars more, Taxi Equipment Company, Inc. Offers a custom Air-conditioning option for your partition: With the window open or closed, the customer can still ride in comfort.