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The Silent 610 Taximeter The Silent 620 Printing Taximeter

Established in 1968, Centrodyne is recognized world-wide for its superior taximeter products. Industry leaders, both large and small, rely on our Silent 600 family of taximeters and accessories for worry free operations.


  • Unsurpassed quality and reliability
  • Taximeters with the most advanced features
  • Customer service that you deserve
  • Competitive Pricing

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The Silent 150 External Printer


The 610 Series, starts @$228.00

Each of Centrodynes taximeters are ergonomically designed and come equipped with automatic calibration, built-in speed signal divider and amplifier, and over twenty user choices and options such as :
  • Interface for computer dispatch or other devices(via RS232)
  • Security/Anti-Theft Password (prevents use in case of theft)
  • GPS Location (receive position data from meter)
  • Credit Card Swipe (accepts all types of cards)
  • Electronic Serial Number (removable meter works only with accompanying bracket)
  • Daily Driver Totals

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The Silent 600 Credit Card Swipe

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The 2020 is the fastest selling taximeter in the world

2030_fsm2.gif (27238 bytes)
The New Model 2030

  • Interfaces to a dispatch system via its RS232 serial port
  • Easy installation, comes with a pulse divider.
  • Uses large, bright, easy to read LED displays for easy viewing.
  • Change rates instantly with the push of a button.
  • Shipped with mounting bracket and wiring harness.
  • Comes in a durable metal case (not plastic)
  • Each meter can be given its own electronic serial number.

The Model 2020/2030 can be upgraded to a printing meter by connecting a Pulsar Auxiliary Printer unit to it.

Connect a Reader to easily process all types of Credit Cards and Smart Cards.

Prices Start at $218.00