TaxiCam™ Mark IV

Event-Activated Recording for Mobile Applications

TaxiCam by VerifEye is specially designed for taxi applications, where data security, compact size, low power consumption, and long-term reliability are important.

VerifEye is the industry leader for in-taxi surveillance and understands its many aspects—from technical specifications and standards to installation issues to law enforcement use and privacy protection. TaxiCam is the most comprehensive solution available today.



TaxiCam is 100% solid-state and is tolerant to power disturbances, voltage transients, mechanical shock and vibration, temperature extremes, moisture and dust.

taxicam camera


Low current draw and intelligent standby power management eliminate battery drainage issues.


Proprietary, tamper-proof data access protocol and encrypted file storage format ensures chain-of-evidence integrity and eliminates public privacy concerns.


Flexible trigger input connection options, camera configurations, memory options and event logic definitions supports the widest range of vehicle types and requirements standards.


Input Voltage: 11-14 VDC
Input Current: 800 mA max. operating; 2 mA standby
Isolation: 1500 V RMS
Protection: Reverse polarity, Transient, Over-voltage on all inputs
Imaging Technology: 1/3" interline transfer CCD
Illumination: 28 LEDs at 875 nm producing 60mW/m2 at 2m
Lens: Standard 3.6mm f 2.0, optional 2.9 ultra-wide
Connector: RJ-style with anti-tamper feature
Mounting: Three-way adjustment with locking. Self-adhesive mounting plate
Trigger Logic
Electrical: Selectable dry contact, active high, active low or active floating, programmable voltage trigger points
Typical Event Trigger Sources: vehicle door status circuit, taxi meter on/off, manual pushbutton, brakes
Event Response: Programmable capture sequence, fixed or variable intervals
Alarm Response: Pre-alarm/post alarm image overwrite protection
Storage Media: Compact Flash, removable with security tool
Recorded Information: Date/Time; GPS location/speed, Taxi ID, Unit ID, event flags, image data
Image Compression: Wavelet
Storage Format: VerifEye proprietary
Image Capacity: Options available from 2,000 to 10,000 plus
Data Security/Privacy
Image Access: Electronic hardware key for access authorization
Transfer Protocol: VerifEye proprietary
File Storage Format: Encrypted
Download: RS-232 (Optional: 100 Base-T Ethernet)
Setup: RS-232
Wireless: GPRS, CDMA modem compatible
VerifEye Viewer: For Law Enforcement Agencies. Image browsing by date, time and location (with GPS connection); export to JPEG; Report Generation
VerifEye Installer: For Authorized TaxiCam Installers. Vehicle I.D. and parameters set up
VerifEye Inspector: For Taxi Regulatory Agencies. Diagnostics for checking proper operation

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