Rear Obstacle Sensor Technical Specifications

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Parameter Specification
Input Voltage 11-15 Volts DC
Power Consumption 3.0 W
Fuse Rating 0.5A
Operating Temperature -25F to 122F
Operating Humidity Up to 90%
Storage Temperature -50F to 135F
Length of Speaker Cable 3.5 meters (~12 feet)
Length of LED Cable N/A
Length of Detector Cable 9 feet
Video Display Digits N/A
Size of Digits N/A
Color of Digits N/A
Luminous Intensity N/A
Audio Warning System 6 zones plus special signals
Alarm Maximum Noise Level 80 dB at 10 cm
Voice Distance Indicator 6 zones plus special signals
Type of Speaker 2" Diameter Magnetic Type
Number of Acoustic Sensors 3
Type of Acoustic Sensors Close type water & rust proof
Dimension of Sensor 85 x 20 x 8 mm
Sensor Transmitting Frequency 33.6 kHz
Maximum Detecting Distance 2.5 meters (~8 feet)
Distance Accuracy +/- 5 cm (~2 inches)
Horizontal Detection Angle 50
Vertical Detection Angle 30