Rear Obstacle Sensor Prevents Costly Accidents

Note: Prices are as of November 1997.
Our Car Reversing Aid pays for itself when you avoid just one back up accident!

5 MPH Crash Test Results: 1998
Automobile Rear into
Flat Barrier
Rear into
BMW 5 Series



Dodge Caravan



Dodge Dakota



Ford Explorer



Ford Ranger XLT



Ford Taurus



Ford Windstar



GMC Jimmy



Jeep Cherokee



Land Rover



Lexus LS400



Mercedes E Class



Nissan Frontier XE



Nissan Pathfinder



Pontiac Sunfire



Toyota 4Runner



Toyota Sienna



Toyota Tacoma



Volvo 850/S70



Prices are as of April 1998.
Excerpts from a study, "Damage Repair Costs in
Low-Speed Crash Test at 5 MPH" conducted
by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Why You Need Back-Up Sensing
Every 1.6 minute, another U.S. driver backs into trouble. Most accidents, while backing up, are caused by the simple fact that the driver cannot see what is behind the vehicle and most accidents, happen in the urban settings. That is, rushing around on business or backing out of your garage or driveway. Children, toys, bicycles, other vehicle or loading docks can crush bumpers, bend frames and, most tragically, injure a child or worse.

      According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) report there were approximately 182,000 police-reported backing accidents in 1990 and 185 fatalities caused by accidents involving backing-up accidents. The majority of back-up accidents occur because the operator of the vehicle did not see the obstacle (person, pole, other vehicle or any object that poses a collision) which means that those types of accidents are preventable. With a vehicle based back-up alert system that warns the operator of the vehicle of a potential collision, back up accidents can be prevented.

      National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that the potential of preventing back-up accidents is better than 90% with a back-up alert system. References: NHTSA/DOT HS 808 016

      The Poron Vehicle Reversing Aids are high tech aids for safe backing, whether you have an unknown child behind the vehicle or simply to see how close you are to an object behind you while reversing in your car, minivan, utility vehicles or RV.

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