Rear Obstacle Sensor & Warning System

How the backup proximity sensor worksHow the System Works--This vehicle reversing aid has two 6-stage audible warning signals that change according to the distance to the obstacle detected by the system's miniature rear-bumper-mounted sensors. The VDI (Voice Distance Indicator) "tells" the driver un a clear voice the following distances: "8 Feet. 5 Feet, 3 Feet, 2 Feet, 12 Inches and Crash." Integrated with the VDI is a beeping system that increases in pulse frequency as the vehicle distance decreases. With 2 audible signals to warn you, you can back up your vehicle with complete confidence.

Check what typical "minor" backing-up accidents cost to repair and you will see that the Back-up Sensor can easily pay for itself many times over by preventing just one accident.
Look what just $223 gives you!

The reversing proximity sensor in its boxFeatures

  • 8-bit microprocessor with built-in VDI technology makes our system accurate and reliable day or night.
  • Voice range read out up to 8 feet. Synchronizes with the motion of your vehicle.
  • Distinctive audio warning system. Increases in pulse frequency as your vehicle gets closer to the obstacle.
  • Prominent warning signals. "Crash" means object is less than 8 inches from vehicle. "Object in Blind Area" warns that an object has fallen into a non-detecting zone--caution advised.
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

More Technical Specifications.

Mounting locations for the backup alert systemBenefits

  • Peace of Mind--

    Our system can detect an object as narrow as a 4" pole

  • Minimize Accidents--

    Protect your passengers and your company. Avoid injuries while backing up.

  • Save money--

    The cost of this backup alert system is often less than the insurance deductible for an accident.

All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Call and confirm when ordering. All prices are FOB shipping point. Shipping and handling charges will be added.
      The Back-Up Sensor is strictly a driver assistance device. It should not be considered as a safety device or anything other than a driver warning system. It is not a substitute for driver responsibility when operating a vehicle. Please follow all local and federal laws when backing up your vehicle. The Manufacturer and distributors of the Poron Reversing Aids do not guarantee or assume liability for "collisions or damages" that take place when backing up your vehicle.

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