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"Meeting the Needs of Taxicab Owners Large and Small"

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Taxi Equipment Company, Inc.

Taxi Equipment Company was started in 1993. We have helped cab fleets all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Slovania, and the Republic of Georgia reduce their operating costs with the latest technology available to the industry. During this time we have grown to become one of the most innovative leaders in taxicab services. We are learning and growing with the industry. T.E.C. prides itself as The "One Stop Taxi Shop".

We'll provide you with virtually anything you need to design, build, and maintain your taxicab, from the smallest screw, nut or bolt, to a completely built taxicab ready for your local agency's inspection.

Many of our products will also help your business grow. Advertising sign carriers, One large and the New AT-2 can provide your company with extra income $$. Custom Decals will enhance the appearance of your fleet, new Security Equipment for your safety, and a back-up warning system that will save you $$$ in damages.

This website lists only a few of our many available products and services. Prices will vary with quantity. I welcome your calls and inquiries. You can be assured that if we don´t have what you are looking for, we will do everything we can to find it in a timely manner.

Thank you,
George G. Butts

2129-A  West Rosecrans Ave., Gardena, CA 90249
Ph: 310-715-2133 / 800-610-TAXI Fax: 310-767-1718

T.E.C. has access to over 19,000 products by over 300 manufacturers.

Meters and meter parts for:

  Silent 550 (Limited)
  And the New Silent 610 & 620 Smart Meters
  The New Silent 600 Series Meters With Anti Zapping Software

Pulsar Technology - 2020 and 2030 Power Meters and Receipt Meter

Limited repairs on Novax, Schmidt, & Argo Taximeters


Midland, Vertex-Standard, and Tait Radios
  Low Band to 900Mhz. Something for your every need.

Cabling and Accessories by Arthur Allen Manufacturing Company
  Speedometer cabling, extensions, adapters & transducers for all vehicles and meter installations.

Wireless Communication Accessories
  Accessories for Radios and Cellular Phones; batteries, antennas (mobile & fixed), cabling, base stations and accessories, bench equipment, test and measurement devices.

Ad Carriers

  Our AT-1 Advertising sign has been improved and will last for years and provide you with extra income. Affordable & easy to install.   Our New "HELP CALL 911" Carrier is being used in Washington, D.C.   It flashes rapidly when the bandit switch is pushed.

The New AT-2 is smaller, and will fit on just about anything.


  Sizes and Colors vary. Decaled to your own specifications will show the public what you want them to see.


  We can reproduce most fonts. Many pictures can be turned into decals for logos.

Safety Equipment

  Security Cameras by VerifEye. Constant surveillance for that moment no one wants to happen.

  Safety Partitions. Custom designed for each model, year and manufacturer. With or without additional air-conditioning.